CAREC 2020 National Workshop: Kyrgyz Republic

Representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Antimonopoly Policy, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Energy and Industry, and State Customs Service attended the Kyrgyz Republic’s CAREC 2020 National Workshop. Participants included sector coordinators, specialists working on CAREC issues, as well as government officials involved in sector and national development strategies.

Deputy Minister of Economy and Antimonopoly Policy and CAREC National Focal Point Mr. Sanjar Mukanbetov presented the CAREC 2020 Strategic Framework and the CAREC 10th Anniversary video. The video had also been shown at the CAREC 10th Ministerial Conference in Baku, highlighting the results of the first decade of cooperation among CAREC member countries.

CAREC sector representatives shared their experiences and work. Participants discussed further actions to create awareness of the CAREC Program and to integrate CAREC 2020 into sector development programs and midterm national strategies.

Mr. Mukanbetov also proposed measures to improve the internal structure of the working group focused on CAREC issues in the Kyrgyz Republic, to ensure better interaction and coordination.

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