Sixth Ministerial Conference on CAREC

Ministers from the eight countries participating in the CAREC Program

  • adopted a Joint Ministerial Statement that highlights accomplishments of the Program in recent years, outlines a vision for the Program to 2018, and defines the 2008 work program;
  • endorsed the Report of Senior Officials to the Ministerial Conference, which provides a detailed accounting of the Program’s progress and activities in 2007;
  • endorsed the CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy, a 10-year strategy to develop six transport and trade corridors linking CAREC countries to each other and to major international markets; and
  • endorsed the CAREC Institute Prospectus, which outlines the mission, purpose, goals and plans for establishment of the Institute.

ADB president Haruhiko Kuroda emphasized the considerable progress the Program has made since its adoption of the Comprehensive Action Plan in 2006.

Mr. Kuroda noted that endorsement of the Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy and the CAREC Institute Prospectus would significantly advance the creation of the “regional perspective” envisioned at the 5th Ministerial Conference.

“I believe there is now a consensus in this region on the importance of regional cooperation to sustainable economic growth,” Mr. Kuroda said. “When we see the region and its opportunities from a common perspective and agree to focus our resources and energies on a common agenda, we will make tremendous progress.”

World Bank Vice President Shigeo Katsu stated a collective view on behalf of the CAREC partner multilateral institutions on recent progress and the need to maintain the Program’s focus on specific actions and results.

ADB vice president Liqun Jin co-chaired the conference.


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