CAREC Senior Officials' Meeting (April 2010)

The CAREC program held a Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) to discuss the following:

  • proposals to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the CAREC institutional arrangements;
  • progress reports on the implementation of strategies and action plans for the transport, trade facilitation, energy, and trade policy sectors;
  • approval of the CAREC Results Framework indicators, definitions, and data collection mechanisms;
  • Pakistan’s request for membership;
  • preparations for the Business Development Forum (BDF) in Urumqi;
  • a performance assessment and new work plan of the CAREC Institute; and
  • preparations for the 9th Ministerial Conference.

Mr. Said Mubin Shah, Acting Deputy Minister of Customs and Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Afghanistan, chaired the SOM. Mr. Juan Miranda, Director General, Central and West Asia Department, and Mr. Klaus Gerhaeusser, Director General, East Asia Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB), served as co-chairs.

Mr. Xiaoyu Zhao, Vice President, Operations Group 1, ADB, gave opening remarks. He thanked all CAREC countries for the trust and support to ADB as Secretariat of the CAREC Program. He stated that ADB is committed and will continue to serve CAREC countries. He highlighted the importance of the SOM as an opportunity to sharpen the focus on strategies and action plans in the four priority sectors.

Read the Summary of Proceedings and view the interactive agenda for presentations.

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