Conference on Managing Education Reforms in Countries in Transition


The conference aimed to

  • encourage exchanges of experiences among education policy makers of six countries in transition (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan); and
  • facilitate dialogue between government authorities and representatives of civil society and development cooperation agencies.


At the end of the conference, participants

  • familiarized themselves with the education reform processes undertaken in the six participating countries;
  • learned and exposed good practices in particular reform areas, such as curriculum development, teacher education, textbook production, budgeting, management decentralization, public-private partnerships, etc.; and
  • identified initiatives to enhance education cooperation among the participating countries.

Expected Outputs

Reports and recommendations to the conference of four technical working groups on

  • access,
  • quality,
  • finance, and
  • governance.

Target Participants

Invited participants included

  • a 4-member government delegation from each participating country;
  • local NGOs and other education authorities; and
  • major development cooperation partners.

Resource Speakers

  • Heads of government delegations will deliver a statement on the status of education reforms in their respective countries.
  • ADB staff and consultants will introduce thematic Issues Papers.

Event Materials

Key Documents