World Bank Approves $110 Million Loan to Improve Electricity Supply in Four Regions of Uzbekistan

The World Bank approved a $110 million loan for the Talimarjan Transmission Project in Uzbekistan. The project aims to improve the reliability of electricity supply in the southwestern regions of Samarkand, Kashkadarya, Navoyi, and Bukhara. This will benefit more than 4 million residential and business consumers. The project will strengthen the electricity transmission network by investing in infrastructure, provide technical assistance to improve Uzbekenergo capacity, reduce the electricity outage rate, reduce transmission losses, increase volume of electricity supply, and bring new opportunities to increase export of electricity to Central Asia.

The loan will cover construction of a 500/220-kilovot (kV) new substation at Talimarjan thermal power plant, a 218-kilometer 500 kV single circuit transmission line from the thermal power plant to Sogdiana substation, and a bay extension at Sogdiana substation. A short interconnection will also link the existing Karakul Guzar line to the new Talimarjan substation.

The project is associated with the expansion of the Talimarjan thermal power plant (TPP), financed by the Asian Development Bank, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, and the Uzbekistan Fund for Reconstruction and Development.

According to the World Bank’s Country Manager for Uzbekistan Takuya Kamata, this project is the first loan under the current Country Assistance Strategy. He said, “It offers numerous benefits in terms of improved system reliability and increased export/transit capacity. The population in southwestern Uzbekistan will be the main beneficiary of the project. The project will help increase the region’s competitiveness in terms of industrial and commercial development, and may lead to the creation of new jobs.”

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