Program Results Framework

The CAREC 2030 Program Results Framework demonstrates the results chain, leading from CAREC interventions to the expected outputs, and the targeted outcomes in each operational cluster that will contribute to the impact of “sustainable economic development and shared prosperity in the CAREC region.” The results framework will help member countries and the CAREC Secretariat monitor progress on CAREC 2030.

See also: CAREC 2030: Connecting the Region for Shared and Sustainable Development

No target indicators are provided at this stage in the results framework. The CAREC Secretariat will work closely with the sector committees and working groups to develop cluster and sector-specific results frameworks with concrete indicators, baseline data, and data sources at outcome and output levels. An online system of tracking and updating progress on these indicators with regular intervals will be established. The CAREC Secretariat staff will lead this work with active inputs from sector committees and working groups.

Every 3 years, the CAREC Secretariat will prepare a consolidated progress report by taking stock of progress on the program results framework and cluster and sector level indicators supporting the framework. Progress reports will also be made available online.

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